On Environment Modeling for Visual Navigation

- Imaging, Modeling and Representation of Real Scenes

Zhigang Zhu

Ph.D. Thesis
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University, Beijing

Note: The documents in English are not the exact translations of the original thesis, and are only partially available. Most parts of these documents are recently updated, but some materials in the original version may not included in the English version. A complete and revised version of the thesis has be published by China Higher Education Press in December 2001 (in Chinese).

Table of Contents (TOC in Chinese )

Abstract (PDF)

Acknowledgments (Abstract and Acknowledgments in Chinese)

Chapter 1. Problems and Solutions (PDF, html)
1.1  Problems
1.2  Background
1.2.1  The Marr Paradigm
1.2.2  The DARPA Visual Navigation Efforts
1.2.3 Obstacle Detection Techniques
1.2.4 Omnidirectional Vision and Panoramic Vision
1.3  Our Approach: Multi-Scale and Full View Vision
1.3.1 Overview
1.3.2 Contributions
1.3.3 Organizations
Chapter 2. Panoramic Vision for Landmark Recognition (PDF, html, Appendixes)
2.1  Introduction
2.2      Motion Filtering and Image Stabilization
2.2.1 Vehicular Motion Model (Appendix 2.1, Appendix 2.2)
2.2.2 Image Rectification
2.2.3 Motion Filtering Algorithms
2.2.4  PVI and EPI generation: Examples
2.3   Panoramic EPI Analysis Approach
2.3.1 Motion Texture and Motion Occlusion Models (Appendix 2.3)
2.3.2 GFOD: Large Gaussian-Windowed Fourier Orientation Detector (Appendix 2.4)
2.3.3 Depth Belief Map and Data Selection
2.3.4 Motion Boundary Localization and Depth Interpolation
2.4  Panoramic Modeling and Generalized Landmark Selection
2.4.1 Image Rectification and Stabilization
2.4.2 Panoramic Depth Acquisition: Parallel Processing
2.4.3 Fusion of Depth and Intensity Maps
2.4.4 Generalized Landmark Selection
2.5  Summary and Discussions
Chapter 3. Omnidirectional Vision for Road Understanding (PDF [5])
3.1  Introduction
3.2  Omnidirectional Vision-Based Eigenspace Representation
3.2.1. Problem Statement
3.2.2 Eigenspace Representation
3.2.3 Omnidirectional Eigenspace Representation
3.3   Real-Time Omnidirectional Imaging Sensor
3.3.1 Sensor Geometry (Appendix 3.1)
3.3.2 Practical Imaging System and System Calibration
3.3.4. Ground Projection and Image Rectification
3.3.5 Ground Feature Analysis in Polar Coordinate System (Appendix 3.2)
3.4 Rotational-Invariant Feature Space of Omnidirectional Images
3.4.1  Radial Principle Component Analysis (PCA)
3.4.2  Orientation Fourier Transform
3.4.3  Orientation Estimation
3.5  OVINN: Omnidirectional Vision-based Neural Networks
3.5.1 Problem Statement
3.5.2  The Model of the ROVINN
3.5.3  Implementation Issues
3.6 Experimental Results and Analysis
3.6.1 System Architecture
3.6.2  Data Collection
3.6.3  Training and Testing
3.7  Summary and Discussions
Chapter 4. Stereo Vision for Obstacle Detection (PDF)
4.1 Introduction
4.2  Principle of Planar Gaze Transformation
4.2.1 Theory (Appendix 4.1)
4.2.2 Properties (Appendix 4.2)
4.2.3 Applications
4.3  Binocular Vision System  Using a Single Camera
4.3.1  Design I: the Left-Right Partition (How to make it compact)
4.3.2  Design II: the Up_Down Partition (How to have a wide FOV)
4.4 Real-Time Obstacle Detection Algorithm
4.4.1  Goal and Assumptions
4.4.2  Statistical Modeling (Appendix 4.3)
4.4.3 The Basic Algorithm
4.4.4 Implementation and Performance (Appendix 4.4)
4.5  Dynamic Gaze Transformation
4.5.1 Iterative Approach
4.5.2 Image Stabilization Method
4.5.3  Generalized HOUGH Transform Approach
4.6  Summary and Discussion

Chapter 5. POST: a Multi-Scale and Full-View Vision Approach
5.1 Scene Modeling and Interconnection: a Systems Approach
5.2  Sensing Integration: a Compact Full-View Visual Sensor
5.3  Data Integration and Interconnection among Sub-Systems
5.4  Human-Robot Interaction and Vision Enhancements
5.5  Conclusions and Discussions
Chapter 6.  Conclusions and Future Directions

References (PDF)

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