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I am Professor of Computer Science at the City College of New York. My interests are problems related to Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures, including problems in robotic exploration, sensor networks, pursuit games, and other things. If you have a nice problem, you can tell me about it; if you need a nice problem, I can tell you many. I mainly teach Algorithms classes, undergraduate and graduate.

For my publications, you can look at

I have also several books,

I have also some abandoned, or at least dormant, book projects, which might be revived if there is interest. Farthest along were the 'Notes on Asymptotic Analysis and Recursion'. They are available as letter-sized and A4-sized ps-file. There is also a book fragment on computer generation of images, with the postscript programming language, or with a raytracer. Here are some examples of images I made: the octahedra packing, the dendrites, the random reflecting ball packing.

I still believe in the importance of open problems to guide and shape a field; at some time I would like to write a counterpart of the Problem Book for Computer Science problems.

I spent in the last years much time with various governance roles; I am in the City College Faculty Senate, the CUNY University Faculty Senate, and many committees. I also was for a year the City College Ombudsperson, but I did not run for re-election; I hope others are doing this job more successful than me. I produced a Report whose issues are still valid. The most frustrating of my current committees is the executive committee of the computer science PhD program.

There are also many other sides to being a professor; here is a selection. All these are volunteer jobs, unpaid and without release time.

My office is in NAC 8/216 (the inner office, the outer room does not belong to me).

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