Peter Braß


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Since September 1st 2002 I am Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, City College of New York, USA.

Previously I was Heisenberg Research fellow of the DFG at the Theory Group , Institute for Computer Science, Free University Berlin, Germany.

I am currently interested in computational geometry, discrete geometry, data structures, robotic exploration, sensor networks and lots of nice and interesting problems.


The Problembook appeared in 2005, a very long story finally came to an end. Since then, there has been a chinese reprint in 2007, and a japanese and a russian translation in 2009.

P. Brass, W.O.J. Moser, J. Pach: Research Problems in Discrete Geometry, Springer-Verlag, ISBN: 0-387-23815-8, 69.95 USD, 500 pages, 528 open problems.

Please submit any solutions, updates and other relevant information here.

My second book `Advanced Data Structures', appeared in September 2008 with Cambridge University Press. This is not a book on object-oriented programming, but on the algorithmic side of data structures. In May 2009 I finally removed the ps/pdf-files of the book; go and buy it. Indeed the printed version looks nice, and the copyeditor and the production people from Cambridge UP did good work.

Much of the code in the book has been tested, it is available with some minimal test environment here.

I started a third book project, a minor but I think necessary work. The title is `Notes on Asymptotic Analysis and Recursion'. If you want to see the current, still early, state of that project, it is available as letter-sized and A4-sized ps-file.

The fall semester 2008 has been an eventful and difficult time; in september, the book appeared, my son Clemens Mipi was born, and a week later, my mother died.

In the fall semester 2009, I give again three classes,

My office is in R8/203.

Some Personal Information.

Peter Braß (,

City College, CUNY

Department of Computer Science, R8/206

Convent Avenue at 138th Street

New York, NY-10031