Past Research Projects, Prof. Zhigang Zhu

Multimodal Sensing and 3D Understanding

CB3M: Content-Based 3D Mosaics with Dynamic Pushbroom Stereo

Long Range Multimodal Human Signature Detection via PTZ, IR and LDV Sensors

Cooperative Wall-climbing Robots for Surveillance and Target Tracking

3D Virtualized Classroom: the Next Generation e-Learning Systems

NSF CRI: Center of Perceptual Robotics, Intelligent Sensors and Machines (PRISM) at CCNY

Video Computing

LAMP: 3D Layered, Adaptive-resolution and Multi-perspective Panorama

PRISM: Parallel Ray Interpolation for Stereo Mosaicing

2D Mosaics: Construction of 2D Multi-Resolution Cylindrical Panoramas from a Hand-Held Camera

PanoMovie: Dymamic Panoramas from Multiple Cameras

Video StabilizationCamera stabilization based on 2.5D motion estimation and inertial motion filtering

Human-Computer(Robot) Interaction

Panoramic Virtual Stereo in Sensor Networks of a Smart Room

Human Traking by Panoramic Vision

Vision Applications

UVIS: 2D Multiple Parallel Mosaics with a 2D Array of Cameras for Under-Vehicle Inspection

Geo-Mosaic: Geo-Registered Mosaicing for Environmental Monitoring

POST: Intergration of Panoramic, Omnidirectional and STereo Vision for Robot Navigation

VISATRAM: a Real-time Vision System for Traffic Monitoring

AutoReg: Automatic Localization, Recognition and Registration of Moving Freight Trains

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