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Program Committee

Chu-Song Chen
Rama Chellappa
Steve Blask
Charles Dyer
Shmuel Peleg
Kuo-Chin Fan
Hassan Foroosh
Yanlin Guo
Soo-Chang Pei
Edward Riseman
Mubarak Shah
Philip Smith
Stefan Soatto     Ioannis Stamos
Hai Tao
George Wolberg
Ja-Ling Wu
Guangyou Xu    Avideh Zakhor
Zhengyou Zhang



Co-Sponsored by:

The City University of New York



Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel, Washington DC, USA
July 2, 2004

With IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR2004) June 27-July 2

Registration through the CVPR Registration Page

Robert Haralick, CUNY Graduate Center
Allen Hanson, Umass-Amherst

Zhigang Zhu, City College/CUNY
Rakesh (Teddy) Kumar, Sarnoff Corp.

Yi-Ping Hung, National Taiwan Univ.

Final   Program

08:00 – 08:05 Opening Remarks (Preface)


08:05 – 08:40 Invited Talk

"Representations of Video and 3D Data for Manipulation and Recognition"

(ABS &  BIO)

Dr. Harpreet S. Sawhney, Sarnoff Corp.



08:50  - 10:30 Session I: Mosaicing, Layer Representations and Motion Segmentation

"Generating Mosaics with Minimum Distortions" (ABS, PDF)

Doron Feldman & Assaf Zomet, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


"Mosaicing with Parallax using Time Warping" (ABS, PDF)

Alex Rav-Acha, Shmuel Peleg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Yael Shor, Humaneyes Technologies Ltd.


"The Dense Estimation of Motion and Appearance in Layers" (ABS, PDF)

Hulya Yalcin, Michael J. Black, Brown University

Ronan Fablet, IFREMER


"Motion Segmentation by EM Clustering of Good Features" (ABS, PDF)

King Yuen Wong & Minas E. Spetsakis, York University


10:30 – 10:50 COFFEE BREAK (20 Minutes)


10:50 - 12:30 Session II: Multi-modal Integration and View Syn-thesis

"Hybrid Image Registration based on Configural Matching of Scale-Invariant Salient Region Features" (ABS, PDF)

Xiaolei Huang & Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University;

Yiyong Sun, Frank Sauer & Chenyang Xu, Siemens Corporate Research


"Automated Registration of High Resolution Images from Slide Presentation and Whiteboard Handwriting via a Video Camera"  (ABS, PDF)

Weihong Li, Graduate Center, CUNY;

Hao Tang & Zhigang Zhu, City College, CUNY


"A shadow based method for image to model registration"   (ABS, PDF)

Alejandro Troccoli & Peter Allen, Columbia University


"Boundary Matting for View Synthesis" (ABS, PDF)

Samuel W. Hasinoff, University of Toronto;

Sing Bing Kang & Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research


12:30 – 13:20  LUNCH BREAK (50 Minutes)


13:20 - 14:20 Panel Discussions

Prof. Shmuel Peleg, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
Prof. Mubarak Shah, UCF,
Dr. Philip Smith, Harris,
Dr. Rick Szeliski, MSR,
Prof. George Wolberg



14:20 - 14:55 Invited Talk


"Fast, Automatic 3D Modeling of Cities"  (ABS & BIO)

Prof. Avideh Zakhor, UC Berkeley


14:55 – 15:15 Break  (20 minutes)

15:15 - 16:05 Session III: Calibration and Feature Detection for Video Registration

"Easy Camera Calibration Using Inter-Image Homographies" (ABS)

Xiaochun Cao & Hassan Foroosh, University of Central Florida


"A Mathematical Comparison of Point Detectors" (ABS, PDF)

Marco Zuliani, Charles Kenney & Bangalore S. Manjuanth, University of California at Santa Barbara


16:15 - 17:30 Session IV: Image and Video Registration Algorithms

"Class-based matching of object parts" (ABS, PDF)

Evgeniy Bart and Shimon Ullman, Weizmann Institute of Science


"Robust Registration and Tracking Using Kernel Density Correlation" (ABS)

Maneesh K. Singh,Himanshu Arora Narendra Ahuja, UIUC


"Precise Simultaneous Estimation of Image Deformation Parameters" (ABS)

Masao Shimizu, Takahiro Yano & Masatoshi Okutomi, Tokyo Institute of Technology


17:30 Adjourn