CSc 82200 Seminar  Spring 2008

Multimodal Sentient Computing


Presentation Schedule  (subject to changes starting March 19)



Presenters and Topics

Feb 20

1. Dynamic 3D Urban Scene Modeling Using Multiple Pushbroom Mosaics (Hao Tang)

2. Chapter 11, Sensor Fusion and Environmental Modeling for Multimodal Sentient Computing (Edgardo Molina)


Feb 27

1. Real-time imaging with a hyperspectral fovea, by David William Fletcher-Holmes and Andrew Robert Harvey (Tao Wang)

2. Chapter 3. Multimodal Image Fusion Systems (Jian Luo)

March 5

1. Chapter 13, Systems issues in distributed multi-modal surveillance  (Yosef  Alayev)

2. Chapter 12, An end-to-end eChronicling System for Mobile Human Surveillance (Gray Wetzler)


March 12

1. Chapter 5. Sensor and Data Systems, Audio-Assisted Cameras and Acoustic Doppler Sensors (Ravi K. Kaushik)

2. Chapter 6, Automatic Audio-Visual Speech Recognition (Zheng Chen)


March 19

1. Chapter 15, Automatic 3D Modeling of Cities with Multimodal Air and Ground Sensors (Hao Tang)

2. Visual Odometry using Multiple Stereo Pairs and IMU  (Hao Tang)


April 2

1. Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Three-Dimensional Imaging

Research at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, by A. C. Goldberg, B. Stann, and N. Gupta (Tao Wang)

2. Chapter 4, LDV Sensing and Processing for Remote Hearing in a Multimodal Surveillance System ( Tao Wang - for data acquisition USB and Firware interface; Edgardo Molina for data analysis)

April 9

1. Fusion of laser and visual data for robot motion planning and collision avoidance (Ravi K. Kaushik)

2. Multiple camera, laser rangefinder, and encoder data fusion for navigation of a differentially steered 3-wheeled autonomous vehicle (Ravi K. Kaushik)

3. Chapter 16. Multimodal Biometrics: Evaluation (Jian Luo)


April 16

1. Chapter 2, The ARL Multi-Modal Sensor (Yosef  Alayev)

2. Chapter 10, Human Identification Using Gait and Face  (Yosef  Alayev)


May 1


Rm 4421

1. Chapter 8, Combination of Ear and Face Images in Appearance-Based Biometrics (Edgardo Molina)

2. Chapter 9. Fusion of Face and Palmprint for Personal Identification Based on Ordinal Features (Edgardo Molina)

May 7

1. Chapter 7. Multimodal Tracking for Smart Videoconferencing and Video Surveillance (Zheng Chen)

2 . Chapter 17, SATware: Middleware for Sentient Spaces (Zheng Chen)


May 14

1. Multi-modal surveillance and multimedia (Gray Wetzler)

2. Introduction of IEEE 802.15.6 -- Body Area Network  (Jian Luo)