Conference Location

The Fall Workshop on Computational Geometry will be held 2013 at the Grove School of Engineering of the City College of New York. The City College (CCNY) is the oldest senior college among the about 20 institutions that form the City University of New York (CUNY) system.

The conference will take place in the lecture hall of the Steinman building.

To reach Steinman Hall, you exit the 138 Street subway station (1 train) on Broadway, follow 138 Street uphill, cross Amsterdam Avenue on top of the hill, then continue downhill into the City College Campus to Convent Avenue. There you turn left, go past the neo-gothic buildings to the steel-clad building on the right. That is Steinman Hall, home of engineering at CCNY.

Alternatively, you exit the 145 Street subway station (A/B/C/D train), follow 145 street uphill, then turn left to Convent Avenue, and follow Convent Avenue unit you find the steel-clad building on the left. You go counterclockwise around the building (pas it, turn left, left again) to find the entrance.

Steinman Hall Front