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Jianting Zhang

Assistant professor in Geographical Information System (GIS)

CS@CUNY City College (Primary)


Geospatial Technologies and Environmental Cyberinfrastructure (GeoTECI) Lab

NSF IIS-Medium Collaborative: Spaital Data and Trajectory Data Managment on GPUs

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Recent News:
[07/07/2014] The first year report of our NSF project was apporved by NSF. We are looking forward to a productive second year.
[07/08/2014] I visited IBM T.J. Watson Resesarch Center and gave a talk entiled "High-Performance Processing of Large-Scale Geospatial Data on GPUs" to the IBM System G group.
[07/10/2014] Two high school students, Rabia Akhta (Stuyvesant High School) and Juliana Sempertegui (City College Academy of the Arts), together with their graduate student mentor Jose Pillich, joined the GeoTECI lab this summer through NOAA-CREST Summer High School Internship Program (SHIP) at CCNY. Welcome!
[07/10/2014] Two technical reports (conference/workshop submissions) are posted to the publication page.  The addition makes ~100 technical papers that I was a major contributor (mostly first author)
since 1997, ranging from enviornmental informatics to cyberinfrastructure technologies to high-performance databases but centered at Geographical Informaiton System (GIS) with real world applications. 
(1) Data Parallel Quadtree Indexing and Spatial Query Processing of Complex Polygon Data on GPUs (12 pages). [Link]
(2) ISP: Large-Scale In-memory Spatial Data Processing System (Demo - 4 pages). [Link]   

Research Interests

·        High-Performance Geospatial Computing (HPC-G)

·        Spatial Databases (SDB) and GIS Applications (GIS)

·        Environmental Cyberinfrastructure (CI)

·        Geospatial Visual Analytics (GVA)

·        Multispectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Processing (RS)

Publication (DBLP)

        ·        By Topics (Selected): HPC-G, SDB, GIS, RS, GVA, CI

        ·        By Year: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997


Research Initiatives and Exploratory Projects [Funded Projects]

·   High-Performance Geospatial Computing on GPGPUs [Overview] (* Experimental Source Code)
(1) Previous Results: [HPC-G (Position Paper)] [BMMQ-Tree] [BQ-Tree] [NNI-DEM][Polygon Rasterization]

                        (2) Reference Primitives based Implementations [PrimQuad*][PrimCSPTP*][PrimTrQuery*] [PrimSpJoin*]
                        (3) Spatial Indexing and Query Optimization: [R-Tree][Selectivity Estimation]

                        (4) End-to-End Systems for Spatial Joins (10-40X over in-memory systems and 3-4 orders of speedups over disk-resident systems)
                             [Point to Network][Point in Polygon][Point to Polygon][Trajectory to Trajectory]

                        (5) In-Progress (Algorithms): [Indexing Polygon Internals] [Increamental Refining Filtering]  [Polygon to Polygon Join (Overlay)]
                        (6) In-Progress (Systems) [LLVM-based Spatial SQL Front-end] [Hybrid CPU-GPU Systems] [Scaling-Out to Clusters]

·     Managing Large-Scale  OD/Trajectory Data with Applications to Data Mining of Traffic and Travel Patterns [Overview]
[U2SOD-DB] [U2SOD-VA][NYC Case Studies] [Frequenet Sequence Mining using Shortcuts]

·     Managing Large-Scale Environmental and Species Distribution Data with Applications to Understanding Global and Regional Biodiversity Patterns  [Overview] [Visual Exploreations of Rasters] [Lightweight Compression for Rasters] [USGS Little Tree Range Map] [NatureServe Bird Range Map in DBMSs] [Zonal Summation of GBIF Data on GPUs]

·    Web-based Query-Driven Visual Exploration of Large-Scale Geospatial Data (*Online Accessible)
[Overview] [NYC CrashMap*][BirdsQuests*][RasterExplorer*] [HP-GVE]