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Jianting Zhang

Associate Professor in Geographical Information System (GIS) and Computer Science

CS@CUNY City College (Primary)


Geospatial Technologies and Environmental Cyberinfrastructure (GeoTECI) Lab

NSF IIS-Medium Collaborative: Spaital Data and Trajectory Data Managment on GPUs

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Recent News:
[08/20/2014] A brief introduction to my research and my group (GeoTECI lab at CCNY) with 9 slides is added.
[12/10/2014] I was a recipient of the CUNY Certificate of Recognition for the year 2014.  
[03/11/2015] GeoTECI Ph.D. Student Simin You has released his SpatialSpark source code at GitHub [Link]. The related CloudDM'15 paper can be found here.
[04/02/2015] A summary of our work on GPU-based geospatial processing over the past five years (2009-2014) entitled "Large-Scale Spatial Data Processing on GPUs and GPU-Accelerated Clusters" appeared at the ACM SIGSPATIAL Special as an invited paper. Click here for a local copy. 
[07/03/2015] We have released the source code of our ISP prototypes (including ISP-MC, ISP-MC+ and ISP-GPU). Click here for the code and here for the HardBD'15 paper as a high level documentation. It has been a very tough yet pleasant journey to learn advanced features of Impala and integrate our single node data parallel spatial indexing and spatial join techniques (on GPUs as well as multi-core CPUs) into Cloudera  Impala. The learnt experiences and lessons lead us to the design and implementation of LDE as a succession to ISP.

[12/29/2015] GeoTECI Ph.D. Student Simin You has successfully defended his dissertation on 11/30/2015 and completed all the procedures for graduation recently. The PDF file of Dr. You's dissertation, entitled "Large-scale spatial data management on modern parallel and distributed platforms", can be downloaded here (139 pages). Congratulations!
[09/01/2016] Zuliang Zhao, a Ph.D. student from Chinese Agricultural University (CAU) joined GeoTECI Lab as a visiting student for two years. His visit is funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC).
[10/30/2016] Our paper, entitled "
High-performance polyline intersection based spatial join on GPU-accelerated clusters", was accepted by ACM BigSpatial'16 workshop. Click here for a copy at ACM Digital Library.
[01/30/2017] I am offering two courses on GPU programming (and applications) for Spring 2017 semester: CSc59866 Capstone (Senior Design) GPU Programming in Server and Embedded Computing Environments for senior undergraduate students and CSc I0811 Massively Data Parallel Programming on GPUs for master students at CCNY. The undergraduate capstone course will also run through Fall 2017 semester.  This is the second time I teach a capstone course after the first one offered for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters on Web-based Geographical Information Systems (Web-GIS)
[02/01/2017] I am serving on the program committees of the following conferences/workshop in 2017 (as of today): MDM'17, APWeb/WAIM'17, IPDPS/ParLearn'17.
[02/01/2017] Our paper, entitled "Towards GPU-Accelerated Web-GIS for Query-Driven Visual Exploration", was accepted by  the 15th International Symposium on Web and Wireless Geographical Information Systems (W2GIS). Click here for a local copy (16 pages, LNCS format).

[02/01/2017] Our paper, entitled "Parallel Selectivity Estimation for Optimizing Multidimensional Spatial Join Processing on GPUs ", was accepted by IEEE's ICDE/HardBD'17 workshop. Click here for a local copy (8 pages, IEEE format).

Research Interests

·        High-Performance Geospatial Computing (HPC-G)

·        Spatial Databases (SDB) and GIS Applications (GIS)

·        Environmental Cyberinfrastructure (CI)

·        Geospatial Visual Analytics (GVA)

·        Multispectral and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data Processing (RS)

Publication (DBLP)

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 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997


Research Initiatives and Exploratory Projects [Funded Projects] (* source code available)

·   High-Performance Geospatial Computing on GPGPUs [HPC-G (Position Paper-2010)]
  (1) Non-Query Spatial Operations: [NNI-DEM][Polygon Rasterization]

                        (2) Spatial Indexing: [BMMQ-Tree*] [BQ-Tree*][Point-Quadtree*][R-Tree*] [MA-Quadtree for Indexing Polygon Internals]

                        (3) End-to-End Systems for Spatial Joins (10-40X over in-memory systems and 3-4 orders of speedups over disk-resident systems)
                             [Point to Netwfork][Point in Polygon][Point to Polygon][Trajectory to Trajectory]
                        (4) From Single-Node to Distributed Clusters: [SpatialSpark*][ISP* (MC, MC+, GPU)] [LDE]

                        (5) In-Progress (Algorithms): [Selectivity Estimation] [Polygon to Polygon Join (Overlay)]
                        (6) In-Progress (Systems) [Spatial SQL Front-end] [Hybrid CPU-GPU Systems]

·     Managing Large-Scale  OD/Trajectory Data with Applications to Data Mining of Traffic and Travel Patterns
[U2SOD-DB] [U2SOD-VA][NYC Case Studies] [Frequent Sequence Mining using Shortcuts]

·     Managing Large-Scale Environmental and Species Distribution Data with Applications to Understanding Global and Regional Biodiversity Patterns  [Visual Explorations of Rasters] [USGS Little Tree Range Map] [NatureServe Bird Range Map in DBMSs] [Lightweight Compression for Rasters*] [Zonal Summation of GBIF Data on GPUs*]